Our story...

Our story...

Hey I’m Tiffani Neal with Barlow’s Foods. Since I can remember I’ve loved food. Like really…really LOVED food. Something about using simple and few ingredients that when put together created big taste, memories and experiences that were unforgettable. This is where it all began.

As a child I remember always wanting to eat what the adults were eating. No kids’ meals for me. Having an advanced palate at an early age led me to experiment with seasonings, spices, and grains. Excited that there was a world beyond the normal ingredients that were commonly known fueled me even further.

My mother and her siblings grew up on a farm with my grandparents, in California. Yes, there are farms in California. My grandfather was a farmer, raising crops and tending to animals was a part of his everyday life.

Growing up food was always at the center. From family gatherings, dinners, or that special chance to dine out. I have countless moments centered around food.

Matching my passion for food, real whole quality ingredients and my grandfather’s legacy is the root of Barlow’s Foods. Each and every recipe is crafted with you in mind and the opportunity to assist with creating great moments and memories for years to come that are centered around delicious better for you food.

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