Is Christmas cancelled this year?

Is Christmas cancelled this year?

Many people don't seem to be in the holiday spirit this year. Understandably so with the lingering impact of COVID and pending travel restrictions. So many of us question when and if we will ever get back to the normalcy of spending in person time with family and friends over the holiday. 

This leaves us wondering, is Christmas cancelled this year?!

We think not!

Yes, we are not back to the way that things once were, but that doesn't mean that we can't make the most out of the situation. It really all comes back to what the holidays mean for you. 

How do you define the holidays? For us the holidays have always been about family, time to reflect and catch up with loved ones. Even if that catching up is done via phone or in a virtual setting such as zoom or Facebook messenger. 

In addition to catching up with loved ones, food is definitely a top priority and center of attention for the holidays. 

One thing that may be cancelled this season is the traditional holiday dinner as many opt for earlier gatherings or a more creative approach. 

We recently prepared and enjoyed a delicious breakfast spread fit to accommodate just about anyone. So, if you have skipped the idea of travel plans this holiday season and hunkering down in your home. We have a few ideas to keep you full, entertained and in the holiday spirit. 

1). Enjoy a virtual brunch

Our breakfast boxes are packed with everything that you need to have a full-on breakfast for 2 - 6 people. Ordering these boxes ahead and scheduling online time to cook together is a great way to connect and enjoy family and friends virtually. 

2). Breakfast charcuterie boards

Boards are a great way to entertain and accommodate guest. Prepare boards with a variety of options to satisfy everyone's needs. They are also great conversation starters and talking pieces if you select fun seasonal items as a part of the menu. We recently created a breakfast board that included tons of fruits, vegan and non-vegan items along with breakfast favorites like waffles, pancakes and biscuits. This was a hit and everyone was satisfied and went back for seconds. 

3). Breakfast in bed

Stay home and stay in bed, and don't feel guilty about it. We have had plenty of holidays filled with hustle and bustle. Take advantage of our current nontraditional happenings and just enjoy your time in the house with limited or now company. Whip up breakfast and enjoy a movie and the comfort of your own home. 

Whatever you decide we are wishing you all wonderful and safe holiday. Hoping that everyone at the least finds ways to remain in good spirits and even the simplest things to be grateful for. As with anything else these current times will past and it is the memories that we choose to create that last years beyond us. 

How will you spend the holiday this year? 

Happy holidays from Barlow's Foods team and family! 


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