Make biscuits using pancake mix!

Make biscuits using pancake mix!
Can You Make Biscuits with Pancake

Yes, you can make biscuits with pancake mix! In fact Barlow's 3 in 1 pancake biscuit waffle mix makes the best biscuits.

Follow step by step instructions on the back of each bag. Or, Simply add a buttermilk and butter to the pancake mix until it forms a dough, then cut out your biscuits and bake them in the oven.

Want tall thick Southern biscuits? Here's a quick tip!

Make sure that all biscuits are touching each other prior to placing them in the oven. This technique will allow each biscuit to rise together giving that traditional thick Sourthern biscuit look!

Top with warm butter and or our delicious seasonal syrups and enjoy!

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